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Zhangjiajie, is a small city of big wonders with 7 World Guinness Records,reputed as the Avatar Movie background formed by the unique sandstone peak forest scenery while offering spectacular scenes of another planet.Moreover,at its surrounding, Beautiful caves, lakes, rivers and different landform like Karst, give more interesting tour options. If driver further,we can reach Xiangxi Tujia &Miao Autonomous Prefecture, Besides gorgeous nature for sightseeing, there lie some nicely preserved ancient towns and minority villages . Through a tour,all travelers would definitely be impressed by this part of Hunan in a big way. As one of my past visitor comments: “What I saw in Hunan is totally out of my expectation, it really shocked my heart and dazzled my eyes with a row of surprises and wonders.” I bet you would say it again once you are there.

Tours Available


Tours in Western Hunan can be customized from 1-8 Days according to your duration and special requests. Contact Us to get a tailor-made one.