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Anna Wozniak From USA

we booked a tour with Eric in May. That 3 day Wullingyan and Zhangjiajie National Forest included airport pick-up and hotel transfers. Communication through email was very easy and we set up most of the details through it. From the first minute we saw Eric we knew that we made a great choice. He was all smiles at the airport. The stormy weather didn’t scare as at all. Eric is an extraordinary person. He is funny, outgoing and most of all very knowledgeable. We’ve had a blast together. He always made us smile telling funny stories. He is also very talented. One time when we were standing at the top of Kidney Village, surrounded by all those mighty peaks, he took out the flute and started to play. It was amazing!!! So, please make sure to ask him to play for you. He will take you wherever you want to and advise you wisely what is worth seeing. He showed us most beautiful spots.  He is great person. We hired a guide and left dear friend…:) Thank You Eric and hope to see you again someday…:)

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From Mau and his firends, Australia

Eric was a fantastic guy who was quite flexible in arranging all our needs during the tour, he was friendly, possess a great sense of humor,great local knowledge, he was genuinely excited about sharing ZJJ with us. He speaks English fluently, arranged all our accommodation, bus and show tickets for our group of 10. He works endlessly with most of our days starting at 8am and finished at 10pm, and he genuinely accommodated our group without a singly complaint, Thanks from all of us Eric.

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From Juerg Boller Family,USA.

Eric was an excellent guide and looked after us very well. He did a brilliant job leading us through the maze of paths and terraces, and organizing (and often cooking) the meals along the way. The kids particularly loved Eric and his sense of humor.

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Hanny’s Friend Tour, From Indonesia

Eric was one of the few tour guides we (14 people) contacted when we planned our trip to the West China area about a month ago. We found him very prompt, patient and easy to communicate with.   Even from the first email, we knew that traveling with him would be the right choice.  Eric proposed a 15-day itinerary for a private tour suitable to our budget, covering areas such as Jiuzhaigou, Chengdu, Emer Mountain (Sichuan Province), Zhangjiajie, Tianmen Mountain (Hunan Province), and Guilin (Guangxi Province).  Eric not only became our guide, but he acted as our travel agency as well.  He efficiently took care all aspects of our trip from hotel bookings, transportation, meals, sightseeing tickets, etc.Eric speaks English fluently, has a vast knowledge of the areas we traveled and relegates his knowledge with a great sense of humor.  And he does play his flute beautifully and oh, what a great singing voice too! It is quite a challenge to take care a group of 14 men and women( age 50 to 72) with diverse interests and physical capabilities.In these 15 days, we really had a very memorable and enjoyable memory, and made a very good friend named Eric! We would not hesitate to recommend Eric to guide any group who wish to visit his hometown and the places we’ve been.

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From Dimtry Lelman, Russia

t was unforgettable exciting 10 days tour in Zhangjiajie, Wulingyuan, Guilin, Yangshuo, Ping’an. It was amazing world, unique places on Earth I’ve ever seen. Eric became our friend, he is good guide and really smiling life man.

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From Sandra’s family, Netherland

Eric is very flexible,friendly and has a great sense of humor as well as a good knowledge base of the local sights and countryside. Eric is interested in leading groups into the undiscovered local areas of his rural province which have a great deal of cultural interest and charm.We really have some fun there.

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