Zhangjiajie Area

Zhangjiajie National Park
Zhangjiajie National Park (Avatar Mountain Scenery)

Zhangjiajie National Park is the 1st National Park of China founded in 1982. Within the range 269sqkm, there are 3013 single peaks formed by unique sandstone quartz ,erecting with different shapes.Due to the unearth-like views of another planet, it’s been selected as the shooting background of the reputed movie:Avatar, and it’s also highly praised by Chinese as the “Enlarged Bonsai, Minified Fairyland” to describe its beauty. Now So far, it owns 2 most precious international titles of fame like: UNESCO’s World Nature Heritage, Global Geo Park. It’s also the very chosen background of the Movie: Avatar. The beauty inside the scenery is absolutely far beyond the words. (Scenery Including:  Main background of the movie”Avatar “–Yuanjiajie. Ancient battlefield with most spectacular view of sandstone peak forest–Tianzi Mountain.Wild bandit area in old times–Yangjiajie.One of the most beautiful canyon in China:Golden Whip Stream. The earliest developed scenery of Classic Zhangjaijie–Yellow stone Village.Untouch hidden beauty–Kidney Village.The paradise for photographe–Sky Garden Terrace Terrace. Sunrise for the first moment of breakday–guantai Platform,etc).

Tianmen Mountain
Tianmen Mountain

Tianmen Mountain, appears as the “New Legend Of Zhangjiajie” It’s the highest spot (1500m) in Zhangjiajie,where you can walk on super-exciting cliff-path and glass walkway and see the whole city and beautiful countryside with bird’s view. and the landscape there is totally different from, meanwhile, at the same level as the ZJJ national Park. Both are world-class scenery, so it’s a must-visit highlight of this city you should not miss. What is more Unbelievable? this single mountain holds 4 World Guinness Records in its small body. and any of them will be overwhelmingly impressive to any type of human being. Just an amazing experience you have never had before.(6 highlights of Mt.Tianmen: 1. World Longest Mountain Carblecar,7455m. 2.World Big Natural Hole In The Body Of Mountain,150m high,50m wide. 3, Tianmen Mountain Road: Shortest Distance Has Most Road Bends. 11km,99 Turns. 4, World Longest Mountain Escalator,888m.5 First Cliff Glass Walkway In China, 500m. 6. 999 Heavenly Steps.)

Zhangjiajie Grand Canyon Glass Bridge
Zhangjiajie Grand Canyon+Glass Bridge

Zhangjiajie Grand Canyon Glass Bridge is a new and popular attraction in Zhangjiajie. the tour starts from mountain top with crossing the world longest glass bridge(400m) with the elevation of 320m. then walk on the cliff path to the the bottom of Grand Canyon,then all the way with stream to a beautiful lake,then boat to the end..For most of the time, we will walk along a clear stream on the bottom of beautiful valley to enjoy the nature. On the way, there is a fun zipline of 300m for people in the right age to experience.It is exciting,too.

Yellow Drgon Cave
Yellow Dragon Cave

I have to tell you this is the 2nd largest Cave in Asia, and this tour only involves 2/5 of it, but it already takes about 2.5 hours to see its 3 layers and 13 halls by boat and foot to appreciate the gorgeous view from hundreds of Stalagmite and Stalactite. and it’s the only place to see the inner world of amazing Zhangjiajie.

Baofeng Lake
Baofeng Lake

This pretty lake lies high on top of sandstone mountains. At this spot, we could enjoy the view of Avatar Mountains on water, while, hearing lovely Tujia folk songs from young girls and boys in wooden boat and knowing interesting stories of the lake. It’s a very relaxing trip.

Tujia Minority Folk Park

Tujia Minority Folk Park used to be the Palace for the King of Tujia. it’s a nice place to know the local people in old times. The architectures inside are something particularly fabulous. The main attraction is the world highest stilt wooden house called “Nine layered Sky”. Now It’s a museum of Tujia Minority, a Great place to know some cultural part of Zhangjiajie.

This spot locates at the foot of Tianmen Mountain, and offers us a great hike-up with waterfalls all the way, it will be a completely pure nature immersing experience..If you like hiking and something unusual. Laodaowan Gorge would be a good one.

Laodaowan Gorge

Xiangxi Autonomous Minority Prefecture

Fenghuang Ancient Town
Fenghuang Ancient Town (Phoniex Town in Hunan Province.)

“Fenghuang is 1 of 2 most beautiful ancient town of China”praised by the writer Rewi Alley of New Zealand 70 years ago, now it has been added in the top 10 China’s ancient town list. Fenghuang assembles the multiple features of the typical water town with gorgeous nature, the mysterious minority culture of Miao and the long history of their dramatic stories, and relics of past war time of Western Hunan,More incredibly, Fenghuang is also a mutual birthplace of a great number of masters and celebrities in many working fields.For eye to appreciate, Fenghuang is highlighted by a row of beautiful riverside stilt wooden houses paralleling with old wall.The magnificent night scene is also the reason to keep us longer there for one or more overnight stays. Impressive Place.

Dehang Miao Village
Dehang Miao Village

“Dehang”, in the language of Miao Minority, means:”Beautiful Valley”. Sure it is.The view there is sort of like Zhangjiajie. No wonder, it has been taken as the most beautiful Miao Village in Western Hunan. Besides seeing the Miao Village,, there are 2 lovely hikes, we can do either of them as common practice.1st one is to a waterfall called”Flying Sand”(2 hours flat walk forward&back), the other is to a stunning view platform called “Questioning Sky”(3 hours with a half part hiking up).

Sitting Dragon Gorge
Sitting Dragon Gorge (Zuolong Gorge)

Surprisingly, to most of my past client, Sitting Dragon Gorge hidden in the deep mountain area turns out to be their favorite spot in western Hunan, because it’s where they can enjoy a fun nature adventure(Hiiking with chains in a narrow gorge) and have an interesting culture experience by visiting even homestaying in the Tujia Minority Village at the end of the hike. Also the countryside food is a very authentic part of the attraction

Wancun-Furong Town
Furong Town (Wangcun)

The original name of this place is called Wangcun . Historically, It’s 1 of 4 famous old towns in Western Hunan,and used to be very prosperous since it was the most important port when waterway was still the main transportation in ancient times. Now it’s still well-preserved in shape.However, Wangcun owns its fame by a controversial movie named “Furong Town”, it is the one of the best movie in all time of history.Due to the content is about how the people’s life is impacted by political changes during some special periods of China.So the movie has been banned .but it doesn’t change its excellence at all. Wangcun is the very shooting spot of this movie, then it get a new name.

Mengdong River Rafting

Mengdong River raftingis regarded as” the No.1 under the sun”since it’s the first rating route of China in 1990s. it goes through 1 of the most beautiful valleys in western part of Hunan and used to be the water way for delivering woods. After development, now it has become the funnest activity in summer time to appreciate pretty mountain and water in the area.

This spot is a very less traveled one hidden in western part of Hunan province. with 1.5hours tour, we may see the geat work of nature.The interesting thing is stone color changes in different weather:red in Sunny days, black in rainy days, brown and red on cloudy days. It even shows color difference during a day.

Red Stone Forest

–Activities At Night–

Tianmen Fox Fairy
Tianmen Fox Fairy Show

This amazing night musical has been acknowledged as 1 of 3 best nature backgrounded art show in China.(3 Bests are: 1 Impression Liusanjie in Yangshuo, Guilin, Guangxi Province. 2 Tianmen Fox Fariy, Zhangjiajie, Hunan Province. 3 Impression Lijiang, Lijiang Ancient Town, Yunnan Province) The show is backgrounded with the magnificent Mountain Tianmen,the story is based on a legend of love between a fox and woodman descending from old local generation .The show smartly combines a lot of elements of folk art of Hunan Province with magic and stage arts. . It’s visually and emotionally beautiful. Moreover, there is no language barrier, people of any country could understand and be strongly amazed by it. It’s a perfect night activity to make our Zhangjiajie tour experience more diverse and complete.

Charming Xiangxi
Charming Western Hunan Show

This night show introduces you the culture of minorirties (Mainly Tujia&Miao) living in Western Part Of Hunan (Xiangx) which is the most attractive area of this Province,such as how people fall in and confess love, wedding, worship ceremony, folk songs, Local Kongfu and the mysterious Wizard culture, and some parts are interactive with audience. it’s a wonderful activity at night for getting you understand more about Western part of Hunan in the cultural way.