Zhangjiajie & Western Hunan (Xiangxi), once hidden at a corner of most undeveloped part of China, surrounded by inacessable weird mountains & waters, was a restless piece of land in history for all time due to being notorious as a scary area for never-ending bandits issue and unknown minorities with their mysterious culture of ghost & wizard. Outsiders barely dare to enter this region for thousands of years, but they still overheard the stories of this legendary place. When the time finally reach the peaceful era, Zhangjiajie & Xiangxi open and shock the world as a distinctive surprise with its unique culture, nature & people. After years of development in tourism, Zhangjiajie&Xiangxi have already become a must-see destination in China appealing to all travelers from all over the world. Now this scenic area is highlighted for the “Avatar Mountain Scenery,Tianmen Mountain, Glass Bridge of Grand Canyon in Zhangjiajie”,”Fenghuang Ancient Town,Sitting Dragon Gorge, Dehang Miao Minority Village in Xiangxi,” etc, Actually there are more attractive secrets to explore. In order to show people the grand beauty of this area, now we’ve gathered a group of highly recommended tour guides in Zhangjiajie who provide great private insider tours in Zhangjiajie & western Hunan. Through a tour with us, you will definitely get a real authentic travel experience with value and fun. This is also a chance to see China in a new perspective.